Neosurf is a French payment method using prepaid cards. It is used mainly in western European countries and some French-speaking African countries.

This payment method belongs to Neosurf Cards SAS, a French company based in the vicinity of Paris that has been operating since 2004, when they first began issuing prepaid cards for the internet. There are not too many casinos working with Neosurf at the moment.

Besides gambling, Neosurf is primarily used to provide access to online entertainment and social activities. The main advantage of this payment method is the ability to shop online without providing personal financial information.

This reduces the risk of users and limits their spending to the cost of the card, making Neosurf a very safe and practical payment method.

Neosurf allows the user to check the status of their card usage via the Internet: purchase history, available balance and amounts transferred from previous cards. The latter operation is possible due to the fact that one of the advantages of Neosurf is the ability to transfer the unused balance from the old card to a new one, on which the new amount will be located.

In addition to being easy and secure to use, Neosurf allows users to shop anonymously, which is an important consideration for some when choosing a payment method.

The casino websites that accept Neosurf are some of the easiest to use on the market because the way to deposit money and start playing is really simple. For online players in the Czech Republic, convenience is an important factor, which is why our team has prepared a list of the best online casinos: topcasinoexpet Here you can quickly and easily find the perfect online casino accepting Neosurf payments, so you don’t have to waste your time searching.